Belt Conveyors

Driving your success with our technology – that’s our goal

That’s why we develop conveyor technology and in particular belt conveyors of excellent quality which are tailored to your require- ments and needs and stand out through their excellent reliability.

Carry on simply thinking about batch sizes, cycle time and meter per minute when you hear the words „belt conveyor“. Because we’ve already thought in-depth about efficient technologies, flexible and robust design, innovative construction and safety for your employees. Because we’re already thinking about tomorrow today – for noticeable added value in your production.



Technical data

The listed technical data are guideline values for standard specifications of our belt conveyors. For special requirements, our engineers will be happy to assist you and find a solution for your individual transport task as well.

max. 20.000 mm
Belt width
max. 2.700 mm
Conveying load
max. 100 kg/m
Direct drive, Head drive, Center Drive, Drum motor
max. 100 m/min.

Belt Bridge

The basis

The modular design of our belt conveyors enables an almost unlimited number of configurations. Thus, individual solutions can be prepared quickly and economically even for complicated transport tasks. The torsion-resistant, anodised aluminium profile frame of the belt bridges forms the basis of our GF3 & GF8 belt conveyors. Of course, we also alternatively manufacture our conveyor systems from stainless steel.


Thanks to its understructure height of just 35 mm, the GF3 small belt conveyor is parti- cularly compact and only requires minimal installation space. The lateral profile groove enables the simple attachment of add-on parts such as supports, lateral guides or sensor system.


Our GF8 belt conveyor boasts larger dimensions or greater transport weights. The understructure height of 86 mm enables transport widths of up to 2,500 mm. Add-on parts can be flexibly mounted on the three lateral profile grooves as with GF3.

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Product examples

More than 1000 individual conveyor belts leave our factory every year. Especially in the area of belt conveyors, we have a solution ready for almost every transport task with our modular system. Talk to us, tell us about your project.



Ideal solutions for all tasks!

Our belt conveyors aren’t just used for reliab- le and safe transport, they also impress with their possible designs.

Whether belt curve, horizontal, inclined or swan neck conveyor with negative or positive kink as well as Z conveyor with two kink varieties - thanks to the choice of the opti- mum design, we guarantee the best possible conveyor line for your production. And all produced in the shortest of times thanks to our modular system!



The drive - nothing’s going to stop it!

Thanks to our efficient drive concepts, our conveyors handle any application, no matter how heavy, quick or steep it may be.

Whether a direct or indirect connection between motor and drive roller - we design the drive in accordance with the installation situation and the desired operating mode. Just as it should be and without any ifs and buts!


Return Roller

Perfect for every intended use

Our belt conveyors obtain the perfect return roller for every belt width, belt length and belt load!

Thousands of individual belt conveyors which leave our factories every year are testament to: quality down to the tiniest detail - that’s our approach! We offer the appropriate return for every transport task, which is why our products range from the 12 mm knife edge to the guide roller with a 135 mm diameter.


GF3 Standard Return: Return pulleys measuring 32 mm up to rolling knife edges with a 12 mm diameter can be supplied for the GF3 belt conveyor.


GF8 Standard Return: Guide rollers with diameters of 50, 80, 110 and 135 mm are available for the GF8 belt conveyor.


Belt Types

No worries -
we stay on top of things

The conveyor belt is the direct connection between your products and the belt conveyor.

The available properties, such as accumulating capacity, cut resistance or lateral stability, are almost limitless. Thanks to our employees’ many years of experience, we always stay on top of things and select the optimum belt for your belt conveyor.

Material / Type

  • PVC belt
  • PU belt
  • Felt webbing belt
  • Stowage belt
  • Grip belt
  • And much more...


  • Wedge strips
  • Cleats
  • Corrugated edges
  • FDA approval
  • And much more...


Lateral guide & Supports

Lateral guide

Rigid or adjustable, straight or angled, our modular system offers a wide range of different product guides. Moreover, we manufacture lateral guides which enable the adjustment of the clear width and the guiding height. Whatever conditions you impose on use, we’ll design lateral guides precisely according to your product-specific requirements.


  • Rigid or adjustable
  • Straight or angled
  • In desired height
  • Height and width adjustable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • And much more...


Our conveyors are always delivered with a stable base frame, manufactured from anodised aluminium profiles. The height is individually adjusted to the requirements, and can also be seamlessly adjusted +/- 50 mm after delivery. We’re also happy to advise you in terms of ergonomics for the design of the base frame.


  • Supports with machine feet (fixed)
  • Pivoting supports
  • Height adjustable supports
  • Compact central support
  • Particularly slim two-legged supports
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special supports can be easily produced

Special Equipment

Bunker, Funnel, Cover etc.

We offer appropriate accessories in order to satisfy the individual requirements for belt conveyors.

Exit chutes in product-specific variations are available. Standard funnels or special funnels especially designed and manufactured according to customer speci- fications. A belt cover for protecting parts to be transported from dirt or as contact protec- tion in hazardous surroundings.

Of course, active add-on parts such as stoppers, switches, pushers and much more are also available! Please contact us, we’ll be happy to advise you!


Stainless Steel

An essential material

Especially in hygienically sensitive areas, the use of conveyor systems and machines is associated with special challenges.

As a specialist for conveying technology, we naturally also offer you individual solutions when it comes to logistical processing in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Thanks to our modular construction systems, we can draw on a large portfolio of the most diverse conveyor systems in stainless steel construction. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of stainless steel processing, we can implement systems that meet your special requirements. In this way, we manufacture and supply the right conveyor technology for almost any transport task, and always with an attractive price-performance ratio.

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