Workpiece Carrier Systems

The flexible workpiece carrier system with maximum accessibility

easyflow... Flex is the flexible workpiece carrier system for safe and gentle product transport.

Thanks to a wide range of standardized components, easyflow... Flex is always adapted to the required transport task and can be integrated into almost any industrial environment.

The workpiece carrier circulation system is low-maintenance, robust and completely modular. easyflow... Flex transports your products with low accumulation pressure on individually adapted transport lines. The system is successfully used in the automotive, electrical and household industries and ensures precise production processes, for example in assembly and test engineering.



Technical data

The technical data listed are guide values for standard specifications. For special requirements, our engineers will be happy to assist you and find a solution even for your particular transport task.

max. 14.000 mm
Usable width
max. 700 mm
Conveying load
200 kg (p. Workpiece carrier)
Direct drive, Center drive
max. 20 m/min.

One Kit

Many possibilities

A comprehensive modular system is available for planning and implementing the easyflow... Flex.

In this way, we implement efficient solutions in the shortest possible time to solve your individual transport task. Last but not least, the standardized modules guarantee trouble-free expansion of the easyflow... Flex even after years.

The track modules such as drives, curves, lifters, turning stations and corner converters are just as modular as the numerous add-on parts. In this way, your new easyflow... Flex interlinking system grows with the task at hand.

easyflow... Flex Direct Drive

Direct Drive

easyflow... Flex Center Drive

Center Drive

easyflow... Flex Acceleration Unit

Acceleration Unit

easyflow... Flex Corner Converter

Corner Converter

easyflow... Flex Curve Modul

Curve Module

easyflow... Flex Stopper


easyflow... Flex Indexer

Indexing Station

easyflow... Flex Lift Indexer

Lift Indexer

easyflow... Flex Lifter


easyflow... Flex 360° Turning Station

360° Turning Station


Chassis & Drive

The base

Depending on the transport task, various designs and drive types are available for the easyflow... Flex workpiece carrier system is available in various designs and drive types.

The chassis of the easyflow... Flex workpiece carrier system consists of an aluminum profile frame with low-wear guidance of the accumulation roller chains. The motors of the drive units are mounted laterally or between the accumulation roller chains and are equipped with automatic chain lubrication if required.

Product examples

The modular construction kit of the easyflow... Flex workpiece carrier system has a wide range of practical components to optimize your production. Whether with lifts over several levels, solutions for offline workstations or complex interlinking - the possibilities are virtually unlimited. We always plan and design easyflow... Flex to suit the transport task in hand.



Stop & index

A wide range of different stoppers is available for separating the products. This means that specific and gentle stopping of the workpiece carrier is possible without any problems in all weight and speed ranges. In addition to the usual pneumatic actuation, electric stoppers are also available.

Indexing station & Lift indexing station
By using an indexing station, easyflow... Flex offers you the option of increasing the positional accuracy of the workpiece carrier to +/- 0.1 mm. As an alternative to the simple indexing station, the lifting indexing station offers alignment in all three directions. Lifting the workpiece carrier ensures a steady position and improved accessibility to the workpiece.

easyflow... Flex Hub-Indexierer

Direction Change

Easy and safe

Curves, corner converters, but also turning stations and lifters can be used to change the direction.

Curve Module
The easyflow... Flex curve module offers an inexpensive, maintenance-free and space-saving change of direction without a separate drive. The workpiece carrier alignment is not changed by the curve module and accumulation operation is possible in the curve area without any problems.

Corner Converter
The corner converter allows the crossover as well as the infeed and outfeed of the workpiece carriers. The compact design of the intrinsically safe module is another convincing feature. The hub is either pneumatic or electric motor-driven.

Turning Station
The 360° turning station allows safe, cycle-time-optimized turning of the workpiece carriers in any direction. The rotary movement is performed by an electric motor and is monitored with positional accuracy by means of a rotary encoder.

By installing a lifter, easyflow... Flex enables transport at different levels if required. Whether pneumatic or electric motor-driven, the lifter frame can be easily positioned laterally and at the front thanks to its compact design.


Special Solutions


In production automation, there are always requirements where the possibilities of standard products reach their limits.

Here, special solutions are used that are specifically tailored to the customer's needs. After a comprehensive analysis of the requirements, we plan and design transport solutions for almost all automation tasks. Thanks to our experienced staff and sophisticated technologies, special systems and system expansions that deviate from our standard can be realized without any problems in most cases.

The easyflow... Flex swing gate is always used when the conveyor line has to be crossed by persons or industrial trucks.

Also in case of maintenance work, the service passage ensures short distances without interrupting the production. Opening and closing is done manually and the mechanical locking system prevents the workpiece carriers from falling down accidentally.

Special Solutions

External indexer

Indexing the workpiece carriers from the outside offers comparable features and advantages to those of the stroke indexer.

In addition, if the indexing height is sufficient, the conveyor section is released here for subsequent workpiece carriers. This enables cycle-independent machining on or above the main line and eliminates the need for time-consuming ejection of the workpiece carriers.

easyflow... Flex External indexer

Workpiece carrier


The connection between your product and the easyflow... Flex transport system is the workpiece carrier.

With its product-specific holders, the easyflow... Flex workpiece carrier enables gentle and, above all, reproducible transport of your products. A major strength of the easyflow... Flex is perfect positioning on robots, test stations or similar units. Due to a steel chain support and ball bearing guides, the workpiece carriers are optimally protected against wear.

easyflow... Flex Workpiece carrier