Roller Conveyors

Modular & robust

Our roller conveyor systems are characterized by their modular design and robust construction.

Due to the conception for the use in most different industrial environments we are always able to solve also your individual tasks. Our roller conveyors are excellently suited for the transport of a wide variety of products and have been successfully used in all areas of automation for a long time. In addition to driven roller conveyors with the appropriate supplements - such as 90-degree and 180-degree curves - we naturally also offer gravity roller conveyors.



Technical Data

The listed technical data are guideline values for standard specifications of our roller conveyors. For special requirements, our engineers will be happy to assist you and find a solution for your individual transport task as well.

max. 6.000 mm (∞ in modular construction)
Useable width
max. 2.700 mm
Conveying load
1.000 kg (Heavy duty up to 3,500 kg)
Direct drive, center drive, motorized roller
max. 18 m/min.


Die Basis

The lightweight yet extremely robust chassis consists of a steel-aluminum construction. It forms the basis of our roller conveyor modules in conjunction with the installed carrying rollers.

The drive train is internal and completely enclosed. This protects it from external influences and accidental contact.

With internal friction

The aluminum chassis with internal friction is the economical base with tangential chain drive and adjustable friction rollers.

With external friction

The aluminum chassis with external friction was specially developed for the automotive industry. This means that the carrying rollers can be easily adjusted from the outside.

Product examples

Our modular construction kit has a wide range of practical components to optimize your production. Whether with lifts over several levels, as a gravity roller conveyor or simply as a buffer zone - the possibilities are almost unlimited. We plan and design your new roller conveyor to suit the transport task at hand.


Looking for a workpiece carrier system?

The robust workpiece carrier system for any industrial environment.

If you are looking for a roller conveyor-based workpiece carrier system, our easymove... is probably just right for you.



Economical and efficient!

For the planning and realization of your new roller conveyor system, our modular construction kit has the right design for almost every transport task.

Whether driven or as gravity roller conveyor, we always manufacture roller conveyors adapted to the required transport task. For example, in addition to the listed designs, double-deck roller conveyors, particularly low designs and mobile roller conveyors can be manufactured and supplied. With our roller conveyor concepts, even the integration into mobile industrial conveyors is possible without any problems. Depending on the design, different roller types, drive types and track modules are available to always offer an economical and efficient solution.



For every application

Depending on the design and transport task, various drives or drive types are available for our roller conveyors.

The motors of our drive units offer you an almost vibration-free drive with high efficiencies and excellent running characteristics. Thanks to their compact aluminum housing, they always impress with a low weight and virtually any desired installation position. Last but not least, our drive units offer maintenance-free operation thanks to their practical lifetime lubrication.


Carrying Rollers

Perfect for any application

When selecting carrying rollers, there are of course not only different diameters, materials and types of coating available.

The application environment and the products to be transported also influence the technical design of the carrying rollers. We manufacture carrying rollers for every area of application, in every length and for every load.

We offer standard roller diameters from 50 to 88 mm. For special applications, carrying rollers with a diameter of 120 mm can be supplied. Thanks to many years of experience of our employees and an extensive portfolio, we always find the right solution for every transport task.

Selection criteria

  • Size and type of load
  • Environmental influences
  • Rolling resistance of the bearings
  • Noise generation
  • Transport speed

Roller diameter

  • 30 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 63 mm
  • 80 mm
  • 88 mm
  • Special sizes available

Special solutions

Infinite possibilities

In production automation, there are always requirements where the possibilities of standard products reach their limits.

Then special solutions are used that are specifically tailored to the customer's needs. After a comprehensive analysis of the requirements, we plan and design transport solutions for almost all automation tasks. Thanks to our experienced staff and sophisticated technologies, special plants and plant extensions that deviate from our standard can be realized without any problems in most cases.

Rollenbahnen mit Hebeeinheiten

Special systems

U-Shape conveyors

Perfect solutions for special tasks
U-shaped container changing systems, socalled U-shapes, are the ideal links between logistics and automation. U-shapes ensure the optimal infeed and outfeed of large load carriers, pallets or containers for cycle-independent supply and processing.

Modular structure, individual design
Due to their compact and space-saving design, they effectively use the available space. In conjunction with suitable muting systems or high-speed doors, the loading and unloading area can be separated from hazardous points such as fully automated robot processing and inspection stations.

We have a wide range of functional components available for layout design to solve almost any transport task. From transport weights of up to 3500 kg to systems for limited space conditions and safety enclosures, we always plan and implement conveyor systems according to product and production requirements.

Increase effi ciency and material fl ow
Another advantage of the U-shaped design is the possibility to use loading and unloading lanes as buffer zones. In this way, U-shapes can create additional capacity or even be expanded into large entire container stations. If required, we also program and integrate the appropriate control systems to compensate fl uctuations in the material fl ow and to optimize your production integratively.

In addition, we are also prepared for a wide variety of loading and unloading scenarios. Whether by manual loading and unloading, loading by forklift, pallet truck, or tugger train, as well as by automated guided vehicles (AGV, LGV, AMR, AGV), we always design the product loading and unloading individually and according to the highest industry standards.

Rollenbahn U-Shape Layout

Accessories & Equipment

Efficient concepts for more performance

From the base frame made of aluminum or in steel construction to drive units with coupling bell, frequency controller and perma-lubrication, track modules with service passage or special side guides, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Of course, electrical components such as sensors, light barriers and light grids as well as mechanical equipment such as drip plates, enclosures and track covers are also available. Our wide range of accessories and equipment components ensures more efficient line concepts to always guarantee the best possible performance.

Standard accessories include:

  • Supports (aluminum or steel construction)
  • Side guides
  • Housings & Covers
  • Stairs / Crossovers
  • Sensors
  • Light grid & Light barriers
  • And much more...

Construction kit

We think about the future

Especially in the area of roller conveyors, our modular building system provides an extensive range of standard components. With its help, we are able to design complex track layouts and production lines for almost any application in a very short time. Stopping, pushing off, lifting, turning - we have responded to the wishes of the industry and already thought of future tasks during the planning stage. This means that subsequent modifications and extensions to our track modules can also be developed and integrated into existing lines without any problems.

Standard components include:

  • Stoppers (electric and pneumatic)
  • Pusher
  • Elevators & Lifts
  • Corner transfer unit
  • Turning stations
  • And much more...