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The possibilities for electrical and process control expansions are almost limitless. From simple pre-installed sensors with cabling to decentralized control systems with desired communication interfaces to complete process control - we are prepared for anything. Our experienced engineers and programmers develop the right solution for every requirement in order to achieve the maximum performance of your production.

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Broich Systemtechnik electrics and control


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Decentralized control technology

In order to prepare the desired control technology for you in the best possible way, we wire electrical sensors and actuators to field distributors that are mounted directly on the conveyor technology.

Active field distributors with communication interfaces such as ProfiNET or ProfiBus can be used, as well as passive distributors that bundle further cabling to the control cabinet. In order to minimize the assembly work prior to commissioning, the system elements are planned and assembled directly in ready-to-ship units where possible. These are then brought together on site and connected to existing bus lines. On request, we can also take care of the wiring of the electrical components up to the decentralized transfer point. In this way, we achieve seamless integration of our conveyor systems into existing production processes.


All from a single source

Complete programming

With our conveyor technology, we not only design innovative solutions for demanding transportation tasks, but also offer a comprehensive service that perfectly meets the individual requirements of our customers.

Our dedicated team of experienced electricians and programmers provides electrical system elements that we can not only connect, but also fully control. Whether decentralized or centralized on control cabinets, operation via touch panels or integration into higher-level control systems - we provide tailor-made solutions and seamless integration of our conveyor technology into your production processes. By using state-of-the-art technologies and years of experience, we create innovative control systems that are not only efficient but also future-proof.

Broich Systemtechnik electrics and control programming


Robust and user-friendly

Frequency converter

The FU-BST-037 from Broich-Systemtechnik is a universal frequency inverter that is ideal for standard industrial applications such as conveyor technology, fans, pumps, compressors and much more.

It impresses not least with its easy handling, fast commissioning and robust design. The housing has a user-friendly keypad with 6 operating buttons and an intuitive four-digit display. Basic functions such as start and emergency stop buttons as well as potentiometers, rotary switches and fuses are easily accessible from the front of the housing.

The FU-BST-037 frequency converter is suitable for drives (asynchronous motors) with a voltage range of 1AC 230V and a rated power of up to 0.4 kW. The connections for the motor supply cable and mains connection in industrial quality are located on the underside of the housing.

Broich Systemtechnik electrics and controls Frequency converter

Electrical equipment


It goes without saying that we equip our conveyor technology with the desired process-specific sensors. Whether querying stoppers, lifting movements, accumulation distances and much more, the required sensors are installed in the correct position and only need to be connected for commissioning.

Fördertechnik Sensorik

Clock control

In order to place products or workpiece carriers in the right place at exactly the right moment, we offer you a corresponding clocked control for almost all conveyor systems. In this way, we guarantee precise parts provision and integration of our systems into your production and plant processes.

Fördertechnik Sensorik

Motor protection switch

In order to protect the motors from unforeseen events such as overload due to high voltage, short circuits or relay switching, we offer you suitable motor protection switches. This effectively protects your production from downtime and your new conveyor system from potential damage.

Conveyor technology with motor protection switch