Modular Belt Conveyor

Almost unlimited possibilities

With the MF8 we offer a robust modular chain conveyor that has proven itself thousands of times in industry.

With its well thought-out modular system, we can implement effective conveyor systems in the shortest possible time to solve almost any transport task. Countless equipment variants and diverse designs are available for planning and implementation.



Technical Data

The technical data listed are guide values for standard specifications of our modular belt conveyors. For special requirements, our engineers will be happy to assist you and find a solution also for your particular transport task.

max. 25.000 mm
Usable width
min. 50 mm — max. 2.500 mm
Return Roller
min. 12 mm - max. 100 mm
Conveying load
max. 300 kg/m / Heavy duty max. 1.500 kg
Direct drive, head drive, center drive
min. 0,5 m/min. - max. 25 m/min.


The Basis

The torsion-resistant, anodized aluminum profile frame forms the belt bridge and thus the basis of our modular belt conveyors. Thanks to our modular construction kit, various designs and materials are also available for modular belt conveyors.

The chassis of the MF8 modular chain conveyor can be made of anodized aluminum profiles or stainless steel. In the standard version, we supply the conveyor belt with a deflection of 100 mm, driven by a three-phase geared motor at a supply voltage of 230/400 V -50 Hz.

Modular belt conveyors can also be manufactured with the particularly compact GF3 chassis. With an overall height of only 35 mm, it makes optimum use of the available installation space and can thus also be used in confined spaces.

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Product examples

Special solutions for special transport tasks. Due to their particularly robust nature, modular belt conveyors offer transport solutions with unique properties under difficult conditions quite often. Talk to us, tell us about your project.



The Drive - Unstoppable!

With our efficient drive concepts, our conveyors master every application, no matter how heavy, fast or steep it may be.

The positive drive concept enables a slipfree chain drive with laterally stable chain guidance at the same time. If required, the motors can be equipped with a forced cooling fan, brake, thermal monitoring and additional frequency control. Whether direct or indirect connection between motor and drive roller - we design the drive according to the installation situation and the desired operating mode. Exactly as it should be. In addition to the drive types listed, there is a wide range of special solutions which we will be pleased to design and supply on request.


Modular Belt

Many possibilities - one goal

The main feature of the MF8 is the low-wear plastic modular chain. It can be supplied in various plastics with different surface finishes up to chains with FDA approval.

There are countless possibilities for designing the modular chain. Whether open-meshed or closed chains, with cleats and side guides or a particularly compact return roller of only 12 mm - the modular chain is always assembled to suit the required transport task. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


  • open mesh
  • closed
  • with cleats
  • with side guides
  • and much more...


Always the right design

From curved belts to horizontal, inclined or kinked conveyors with negative or positive kink as well as Z-conveyors with both kink variants, we also offer you practically every design in the area of modular chain conveyors.

The modular construction kit of the MF8 conveyor system offers countless accessories for designing your new transport line. On request, mechanical add-on parts such as side guides, hoppers and funnels or foot supports, as well as electrical and pneumatic components, can be adapted to the required transport task.

Not everyone builds so wide
For special applications, we also offer the modular chain conveyors in kink and Z-design in a particularly wide version. Thanks to a further developed chain guide and special flights on its underside, ascending conveyors of almost any width can be realized.

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Economic solutions

For planning your new transport line, our modular construction kit also offers curves in different designs. We manufacture curve module and curve conveyor in 90° angle as standard and other angles are available on request. Both variants convince economically compared to the often used PVC belt curves.

Compact curve module

Thanks to its steel chassis, the compact curve module is extremely robust and offers optimum product support thanks to the closed chain surface. We offer the curve module in widths from 200 to 1400 mm in 200 mm increments.

Compact curve module

Curved conveyor

The MF8 curve conveyor supplements the curve with straight segments in the infeed and outfeed. With its help, particularly economical conveying concepts driven by just one motor can be implemented. Unlike the compact curve, the curve conveyor uses an open-meshed chain, which allows air and/or liquids to pass through. We deliver the curved conveyor in widths from 200 to 1,200 mm in 50 mm increments.

Curved conveyor



Side guides & supports

Side guides

Our modular system offers you a wide range of different product guides. In addition to the technical designs, we naturally also supply side guides in stainless steel construction for use in hygienic areas.


  • Rigid or adjustable
  • Straight or angled
  • In desired height
  • Height and width adjustable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • And much more...


Our conveyors are always delivered with a stable base frame, manufactured from anodised aluminium profiles. The height is individually adjusted to the requirements, and can also be seamlessly adjusted +/- 50 mm after delivery. We’re also happy to advise you in terms of ergonomics for the design of the base frame.


  • Supports with machine feet (fixed)
  • Pivoting supports
  • Height adjustable supports
  • Compact central support
  • Particularly slim two-legged supports
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special supports can be easily produced

Special Equipment

Bunker, funnel, cover etc.

In order to meet your individual requirements, we offer appropriate accessories.

Exit chutes in product-specific variations are available. Standard funnels or special funnels especially designed and manufactured according to customer specifications. A belt cover for protecting parts to be transported from dirt or as contact protection in hazardous surroundings.

Of course, active add-on parts such as stoppers, switches, pushers and much more are also available! Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you!


Stainless Steel

An essential material

Especially in hygienically sensitive areas, the use of conveyor systems and machines is associated with special challenges.

As a specialist for conveying technology, we naturally also offer you individual solutions when it comes to logistical processing in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Thanks to our modular construction systems, we can draw on a large portfolio of the most diverse conveyor systems in stainless steel construction. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of stainless steel processing, we can implement systems that meet your special requirements. In this way, we manufacture and supply the right conveyor technology for almost any transport task, and always with an attractive price-performance ratio.

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