Slat-Band Chain Conveyor

Curved and indestructible

The straight or curved hinge chain belts made of steel or stainless steel are extremely robust and withstand the most adverse conditions.

Whether hot or sharp-edged parts, dry or wet room, the solid steel hinged chains are almost indestructible. Due to their high flexibility, complex routes up to transport paths over several levels can be realized.



Technical Data

The technical data listed are guide values for standard specifications of our slat chain conveyors. For special requirements, our engineers will be happy to assist you and find a solution also for your particular transport task.

max. 15.000 mm
Usable width
82,6 / 114,3 / 190,5
Conveying load
max. 300 kg
Direct drive, head drive
max. 25 m/min.


The Basis

Due to the high flexibility of the steel slatband chains, a wide variety of materials can be used for the chassis.

Linear conveyor systems always receive a steel or stainless steel chassis and thus offer a robust and, above all, price-attractive alternative to aluminum construction. Our modular construction kit offers a wide range of different components for the planning of curved or ascending line layouts. With its help, we can design complex transport lines for almost any industrial environment in a very short time. The steel slat-band chains are guided quietly on wear-resistant plastic glide bars, which are available in various material designs. They are selected and assembled according to the transport task, for example for use in wet rooms, for increased chemical resistance or for improved abrasion resistance.

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Product examples

Special solutions for special transport tasks. Slat chain conveyors not infrequently offer transport solutions with unique properties due to their particularly robust nature under difficult conditions. Talk to us, tell us about your project.



The drive - Unstoppable!

With our efficient drive concepts, our conveyors master every application, no matter how heavy, fast or steep it may be.

The form-fit drive concept enables a slip-free chain drive with a stable chain guide at the same time. If required, the motors can be equipped with forced cooling fan, brake, thermal monitoring and additional frequency control. Whether direct or indirect connection between motor and drive roller - we design the drive according to the installation situation and the desired operating mode. Exactly as it should be. In addition to the drive types listed, there is a wide range of special solutions which we will be pleased to design and supply on request.


Slat chains

Many possibilities - one goal

For the right choice of the slat band chain, a large number of different variants are available for use.

As standard, we supply steel slatband chains with straight or curved running in widths from 82.6 to 114.3 and up to 190.5 mm. In addition, different steel or stainless steel types are available for various applications. Besides the material used, the joint shape, the application temperature or a certain wear resistance are also responsible for the right choice of chain belt. Thanks to their robust nature, steel slatband chains can handle operating temperatures from -40 °C to +260 °C. Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees, we always maintain an overview when selecting the chain and always select the optimum chain for your slat band chain conveyor.

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Always the right design

For the planning of steel slat chain conveyors, our modular construction kit has a wide range of standard components ready for you.

In addition to single and multi-track horizontal systems, we naturally also manufacture curved or rising hinged chain conveyors. With their help, vertical transport over several levels is possible. Especially in the area of slat chain conveyors, our modular system provides a wide range of practical track modules and components to solve almost any transport task in the shortest possible time. Talk to us, tell us about your project.

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Side guides & supports

Side guides

Our modular system offers you a wide range of different product guides. In addition to the technical versions, we naturally also supply side guides in stainless steel construction for use in hygienic areas.


  • Rigid or adjustable
  • Straight or angled
  • In desired height
  • Height and width adjustable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • And much more...


Our conveyors are always delivered with a stable base frame, manufactured from anodised aluminium profiles. The height is individually adjusted to the requirements, and can also be seamlessly adjusted +/- 50 mm after delivery. We’re also happy to advise you in terms of ergonomics for the design of the base frame.


  • Supports with machine feet (fixed)
  • with swivel castors
  • Height adjustable supports
  • Compact central support
  • Particularly slim two-legged supports
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special supports can be easily produced

Special Equipment

Active or mechanical

To meet the individual requirements for slat chain conveyors, we offer appropriate accessories.

Active attachments and components are also available for our slat chain conveyors. With their help, products can be stopped, separated and indexed without any problems. In addition, countless mechanical attachments such as enclosures, oil pans or belt covers are available to protect parts from contamination or as intervention protection in hazardous environments. We design and manufacture special accessories on request and according to product-specific requirements. Please contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.


Stainless Steel

An essential material

Especially in hygienically sensitive areas, the use of conveyor systems and machines is associated with special challenges.

As a specialist for conveying technology, we naturally also offer you individual solutions when it comes to logistical processing in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Thanks to our modular construction systems, we can draw on a large portfolio of the most diverse conveyor systems in stainless steel construction. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of stainless steel processing, we can implement systems that meet your special requirements. In this way, we manufacture and supply the right conveyor technology for almost any transport task, and always with an attractive price-performance ratio.

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