We did it!

We congratulate our former trainees Jan Witt and Kevin Dratschmidt on passing their final examination as industrial mechanics.

We congratulate our former trainees Jan Witt and Kevin Dratschmidt on passing their final examination as industrial mechanics. A few days ago, they received their final certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and are now starting their "real" professional life. We talked to Jan and Kevin to hear what their experiences were like during their training and now after passing the exam.

How did you fare at the final exam?

Jan Witt: Well, before the theoretical exam I was a little bit "jittery" but I prepared well, learned a lot and so the exam was not as hard as I expected. The practical exam didn't worry me, I finished on time and I was also satisfied with my work.

Kevin Dratschmidt: In contrast to school in the past, I enjoyed the vocational school very much! Almost everything was always related to technology and technical contexts and so the theoretical exam was relatively easy for me. I wasn't at all afraid of the practical examination and everything went well.

What happens after the exam?

Jan Witt: Directly after the exam I got a permanent contract of employment from Broich Systemtechnik, for which I am very grateful. Now I am looking forward to the future. I hope that from now on I can take on more responsibility and of course I am also looking forward to my higher salary.

Kevin Dratschmidt: I, too, was taken on by Broich Systemtechnik after completing my exams and I hope that I will be able to develop further here in the company. I like to be on the road and therefore I would like to go to assembly as often as possible! That way I can really experience our systems in action.

What do you like best about your work?

Jan Witt: I think the working atmosphere at Broich Systemtechnik is great! I can always contact any colleague if I get stuck or need help. My superiors have also always been friendly and helpful towards me.

Kevin Dratschmidt: What I like most is the individual technology of our systems. No project is like the other and every working day presents me with new challenges. It never gets boring.

Is there anything you want to improve?

Jan Witt: I have to take better care of my tools in the future (laughs) and of course I want to make progress in my professional life.

Kevin Dratschmidt: I would like to do my "technician" to have better chances later. What I really want to turn off is my "scatterbrainedness", sometimes I forget little things and that annoys me a lot!

What do you wish for the future?

Jan Witt: That the diesel driving ban is lifted and that I have my own small workshop where I can work on my cars.

Kevin Dratschmidt: Financial security and that combustion engines don't die out. (both laugh)

We thank Jan and Kevin for the interview and wish them all the best for the future.