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automatica in Munich

With 40,000 visitors from around 88 nations and 650 exhibitors from 34 countries, automatica impressed not only us. With a feeling of satisfaction and enthusiasm, we would like to share our review of automatica 2023, where we participated as an exhibitor for the first time.

Energy and enthusiasm

From the very beginning, we felt the energy and enthusiasm that permeated this event. Our stand preparations paid off and we were proud to be able to present proven and new products to a broad trade audience. The numerous visitors took a lively interest in our exhibits, our technology and innovative solutions.

A good show

Rightly so, our workpiece carrier system easymove... was the focus of the trade show visitors. With four different types of drives, various components such as indexing stations, corner converters and switches, this trade show exhibit always attracts attention. But our other workpiece carrier systems as well as belt conveyors, chain conveyors and, of course, our cam modules also put on a good show, as always.

2023 08 automatica 03

2023 08 automatica 02

Highlight in 3D

Our booth became a real attraction for visitors who were curious to discover what was new at Broich Systemtechnik. Our special trade show highlight this year was a pallet circulation system in U-Shape design, which trade show visitors could experience live and in action in an animated 3D environment with the help of virtual reality glasses.

The reactions of the visitors spoke for themselves. Everyone was thrilled by the impressive 3D environment in which they could experience the conveyor up close. From every angle, they could view the complex transport process and follow the animation in real time. This interactive experience enabled customers to gain a deep understanding of the performance and efficiency of our plant.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Visual Components once again for their commitment and cooperation, without which this project would probably not have been possible for us. The Virtual Reality presentation gave our booth an innovative and forward-looking touch and underlined our ambition to always use the most modern technologies in order to offer our customers the best possible solutions.

A unique platform

What was particularly valuable for us at automatica was also the opportunity to get in touch with other exhibitors. We were able to exchange ideas with like-minded people, talk shop and learn from each other. Last but not least, the trade show offered us a unique platform to make new business contacts and strengthen existing relationships. The many constructive discussions and valuable feedback will help us to further improve our offerings and meet the needs of the market even better.

Many thanks

In any case, we would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the commitment and excellent organization on the part of the organizers of automatica. The support we received as exhibitors made a significant contribution to the smooth running of our trade show appearance. The staff were always approachable, friendly and helpful, which helped to make us feel completely comfortable and welcome.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the organizers, our booth neighbors, the visitors and all those who contributed to this successful trade show experience. We look to the future with confidence and look forward to incorporating the knowledge and experience gained into our business.