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Ready for the future

With new software and support from Man and Machine, we will be able to work more efficiently in future, increase our competitiveness and create innovative solutions for our customers.

We have been developing and producing conveyor technology and conveyor systems for industrial transportation tasks for around 20 years. The product portfolio ranges from classic conveyor belts and roller conveyors to highly complex workpiece carrier systems. In addition to a customer base consisting of many well-known companies from a wide range of industries, our modular system for customized layout planning and transport of a wide variety of products has also grown.

Excellent cooperation with MuM

A few years ago, we introduced Autodesk Vault for data management in order to be able to use our own modular system more effectively. The existing data and drawings had to be migrated from an Explorer organization. With the support of the company Mensch und Maschine, or MuM for short, this task was accomplished perfectly. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with M+M, the software specialist has also positioned itself as a trustworthy partner for us for future tasks in the areas of CAD and PDM.

2023 08 automatica 03

Launch of Visual Components

We are looking forward to the next chapter in our collaboration with M+M. In the course of increasing digitalization, we also asked ourselves how we could optimize our way of working. With Visual Components, M+M offered us support for the introduction of innovative software. With its help, we are now able to simulate highly complex processes and production sequences in a virtual environment. This leads to accelerated innovation cycles, cost savings, optimized operations and ultimately allows us to be more competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Make system concepts freely available

In addition, the software enables us to make our modular system concepts, in particular our workpiece carrier systems, freely available via the Visual Components eCatalog. The intuitive eCatalog offers engineers and factory planners the opportunity to design complete production lines with our modular construction kit. The integration of automation components, robots and other industrial devices into the simulation offers the opportunity to create and optimize complex processes and increase productivity.

Visit by Man and Machine in Hennef

M+M also appreciated the good cooperation during the introduction of Visual Components and visited us in Hennef in October. Film recordings were made for a reference video that reports on our cooperation and the introduction of Visual Components in our company. Our design manager, Dominik Schmitz, answered the film team's questions and explained the benefits of the software as well as the added value for us and our customers in the interview. We were delighted with the result and you can find the finished video on the M+M YouTube channel.

2023 08 automatica 03