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The Supply Chain Act is coming. The German government will use this law to better protect human rights and the environment in the global economy.


The Supply Chain Act is coming. The German government will use this law to better protect human rights and the environment in the global economy. To this end, there is a draft law on corporate due diligence in supply chains. Very roughly stated, the law requires:

  • Compliance with human rights in our own company and throughout the supply chain
  • the establishment of complaint facilities and reporting on its own activities

This regulation is to apply from 2023 for companies with 3000 employees and later from an employment figure of 1000 employees.

2021 zertifikat nachhaltigkeit

Our federal government

*In trade and production, fundamental human rights are repeatedly violated in the course of global supply chains. These include child labor, exploitation, discrimination and lack of labor rights. Environmental degradation is also in the spotlight: illegal deforestation, pesticide emissions, water and air pollution.

Companies in Germany earn money from what is produced in other parts of the world. That is why they also bear responsibility for respecting human rights along their supply chain. The "Draft Law on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains" aims to oblige German companies to better meet their global responsibilities.

At the same time, the law will also reduce competitive disadvantages for companies that already invest voluntarily in sustainable supply chain management.


The automotive industry

The automotive industry is already implementing sustainability requirements and imposing corresponding specifications on its suppliers.

This concerns the topics:

  • Social responsibility in all areas of the company (compliance with labor law)
  • Occupational health and safety, data protection
  • Quality management, environmental and energy management
  • Complaint Management
  • Human rights, anti-discrimination
  • Supply chain monitoring and control

*For the VW Group, sustainability means striving for economic, social and ecological goals on an equal footing and at the same time. The VW Group wants to create lasting values, offer good working conditions and handle the environment and resources with care.


Broich Systemtechnik GmbH

We want to work and be sustainable. Towards our customers as well as with our suppliers, which is why we have implemented our own sustainability management system that we have been living since 2020. Ultimately, however, it is important to us to be fair and just to our employees and the people who work in other companies.

Our sustainability management system was implemented within the QM system according to DIN 9001. We are committed not only to respecting human rights, but also to complying with legal and regulatory requirements, especially in labor law and data protection. We observe environmental and energy aspects and pass on our values to our suppliers.