Beitragsbild zu diesem Eintrag

„Vaccination is not only the issue of our time, but one that paves our way out of the pandemic.“

With this in mind, the management of Broich Systemtechnik took all the necessary steps back in November and called for a quick test on their own premises at least once a week.

At the end of June, it was decided that the staff and their relatives should be given the opportunity to be vaccinated at our company. More than half of the employees gratefully accepted this offer and registered for vaccination in their own company. Together with our company doctor, we were now able to make vaccination possible for all employees who previously had no chance of an appointment for vaccination.

When asked why we are striving for vaccination in the company, there was also a clear statement: "We are glad that so many of our employees are taking advantage of this opportunity. Together, we are getting a lot closer to the big goal. Currently, about 40% of the population in Germany is vaccinated and we are simply doing our part to ensure that as many people as possible are vaccinated.