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In the digital age, the production of products has also changed and digitalization has found its way into all manufacturing processes more than ever before. But what about factory and production planning itself?

Broich Systemtechnik now available at Visual Components

At Broich Systemtechnik, we have always worked with state-of-the-art processes in order to provide our customers with the best possible advice and support. We will remain true to this way of thinking in the future and want to give you an insight today into the possibilities of tomorrow.

In recent months, we have been working intensively on making our conveyor technology portfolio available to users of the Visual Components software. In future, factory planners will be able to design complex line layouts using a comprehensive selection of our conveyor technology components.

Communication is everything - maybe not always!

In the past, lengthy communication processes between factory planners and their suppliers were necessary to enable a seamless understanding between both parties. Layouts were created, changed, discarded, recreated - many details had to be communicated, statically planned and worked through piece by piece until a satisfactory concept became apparent. A procedure that was not only time-consuming, but also error-prone and risky.

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What is Visual Components?

Visual Components has quickly become the leading software for factory and production planning, including a 3D simulation platform. The program offers users the opportunity to easily design complex production lines for internal product transport.

Convincing advantages

  • Up to 30% increase in efficiency
  • Up to 15% project cost savingsn
  • Over 3000 components
  • Up to 80% time saving

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We start with easymove... into digital factory planning

We launched our first conveyor belt 20 years ago and other systems quickly followed. With our easymove... workpiece carrier system, we designed a modular system early on and have continued to develop it further.

As the first fully-fledged workpiece carrier system in Visual Components' eCatalog, easymove... significantly expands the possibilities of the software. The extensive selection of track components such as curves, switches, lifts, turning stations as well as stopper and indexing units offer users endless possibilities for layout design.

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The easymove... roller conveyor modules can be inserted into the virtual environment in no time and configured according to your requirements.

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The easymove... portfolio offers unlimited possibilities for designing complex transportation lines.

Next, you simulate the production process and obtain a clear visual representation of the subsequent production processes.

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With easylane... modular designing
simple, compact & flexible

Further conveyor systems from Broich Systemtechnik will soon be available in the Visual Components eCatalog. First and foremost is the easylane... workpiece carrier system, which impresses with its compact design and robust construction.

The workpiece carrier system based on hinged chains reliably transports small to medium-sized products safely and gently in almost any industrial environment. The modular concept of the easylane... conveyor system enables easy integration into the Visual Components eCatalog. In future, users of the software will be able to plan their system concepts flexibly and to the full extent with the help of easylane... and simulate transport processes.

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From layout to production process

Once the line layout has been created, all production processes can be simulated with the help of fully functional line modules.

The simulation results in the required speeds and resulting cycle times. This is followed by a precise analysis and optimization of resource usage, including machines, manpower and materials. The improved decision-making basis for workflows can save resources in the subsequent production process and significantly increase safety and capacity.

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easylane... is the perfect workpiece carrier system when it comes to the reliable transportation of small to medium-sized products.

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Thanks to its modular construction kit, easylane... can be fully configured via Visual Components and transport processes can be simulated.

Get started today with easylane... your digital factory planning today and benefit from endless possibilities.

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Always one step ahead with strong partners

The introduction of Visual Components was a real milestone for us. Together with the software specialist Mensch und Maschine, we were finally able to successfully implement this step. Mensch und Maschine reports on the good cooperation in a reference video on YouTube.