Beitragsbild zu diesem Eintrag

For forward-looking technologies and innovative solutions in the field of materials handling, you often have to think around corner.

This is exactly how we approached the redesign of the facade of our main office building.

"If you break the rules, you will be remembered," said Douglas MacArthur. Of course, a huge wall element with our logo would have served its purpose, but we didn't want it to be quite that simple. Our corporate design provided the basis and a smart idea for the final concept. After a brief consideration of the architecture and orientation of the building, only "the corner" came into consideration for managing director and partner Roland Müller.

With the question "...can't you just rotate the logo by 90 degrees?" the decision was made in no time. Together with our marketing department and a specialist for advertising technology from Hennef, the idea was finally put into practice. In dark anthracite, a 3 x 8 meter area now covers the gable and long side of our main office building. The timeless and modern design blends seamlessly into the building's architecture and gives the impression that it has always looked like this.